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Top Five Relocation Blog Posts (and a Happy Birthday)

As I was rocking out to the Ohio State marching band at Content Marketing World yesterday, it dawned on me that we launched this blog exactly one year ago this week. Although I knew that we had been blogging for about a year, I forgot that I published our first blog post on a break between sessions, most likely inspired by Joe Pulizzi and his army of great speakers.  

When we launched Mastering Mobility, I was so optimistic about its potential ( I still am). My head was spinning with valuable nuggets from some of the marketing industry’s brightest minds.  Even better, a chance meeting on an airplane with one very smart content strategist (thank you, Ahava) left me energized. I returned to my office excited to discuss next steps with my team and recruit more internal voices to help me, help you.

Since that week, I’m proud to say that we have turned out 55 posts of what I hope has been useful content.  All of our bloggers are engaged and having fun, mostly because they have gotten to know you – our readers – and because they get to think about relocation in a new way, every day. This has been incredibly valuable to us and we thank you for being a part of our growing community.

To celebrate our birthday, I’d like to share our top five relocation posts from the past year.  Combined, these pieces have been read thousands of times by professionals in both the relocation and HR industries. Here they are, in order of popularity:

1. A Meyers Briggs Approach to Helping Transferees Relocate

2. HR Interview: Jack Jampel on Large and Mid-Sized Relocation Companies

3. HR Interview: Rene Decker Discusses Human Resources, Relocation and Her EMMA Win

4. New in Town? Foursquare Unlocks it’s Relocation Potential with Explore Tab

5. Fixed Fee Relocation Policies Are No Quick Fix

In the coming year, we will expand our content offerings to include newsletters, case studies, client testimonials, podcasts and more. And, when you visit our blog, you can expect to see more HR interviews, guest posts and simple, actionable advice that I hope resonates with you and your teams. If you don’t want to miss out on all the goodness, sign up to receive blog posts by email. All you will receive is our posts – no junk, no spam, no nonsense:


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