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Top 10 Ways Your Relocation Program Lost Money in 2012 (free eBook)

Top 10 Ways Your Relocation Program Lost Money in 2012Good morning, friends! It’s hard to believe, but we are rounding the corner towards 2013 already. In honor of year-end (and all of the budget conversations you are likely having), we  have published a new relocation eBook. If you are  wondering why we are blogging early this week, the answer is simple. We are just too excited to wait another day – we wanted to share it with you all now.

Year-end is a time to look back and see what lessons we’ve learned. Most relocation professionals would agree that 2012 was both the best of times, and the worst of times. The industry as a whole seems to be shaking off the lingering shadow of the housing market crash of 2008 and, despite some uncertainties on the horizon, optimism abounds.

That’s not to say that there weren’t some challenges. We all struggled with a stagnant housing market, underwater transferees and narrowing margins. HR managers and procurement professionals face budget reductions and have to do more, with less, every day. As a partner to HR, we face the same challenges and have worked hard to come up with new ways to streamline the relocation process, reduce redundancies and tighten overall program management.

Fortunately, we did see an uptick in relocation activity for strategic moves. Companies that ceased to move people in 2008 are taking out old policies, dusting them off and jumping back into relocation. While this is great news, we noticed throughout 2012 that many businesses had not updated old policies and, as a result, were not approaching relocation as strategically as they should be in the current marketplace. Unfortunately, this is causing businesses to lose money.

Savvy HR professionals and relocation managers will take a close look at their policies before 2013 and make any necessary adjustments to minimize waste. In this eBook, we share our analysis of the top 10 ways relocation programs lost money in 2012. We hope you find it helpful as you review your policies and plan for 2013.

You can download the eBook here:

Top 10 Ways Your Relocation Program Lost Money in 2012

Happy Reading!


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