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‘Twas the Night Before…

‘Twas the night before the offer, when all through the house
Not a care in the world for my family and spouse.
Plans for dinner with friends, I take time to prepare
Instructions for the sitter who soon will be there.

We enjoy our evening, not watching the clock,
If there’s a problem, my parents live just up the block.
As I turn off the porch light, I know I am blessed
Thinking how my life, family, and friends are the best.

When I arrived at my office the halls were full of chatter
I visited my manager to see what was the matter.
You’re getting promoted, we need you there in a flash,
We’ll help with your home, moving, housing, and cash.

I asked for a day before my decision to go
To discuss with my wife before letting others know.
When, what, and how were not abundantly clear,
Until the Relocation Counselor laid rest to our fear.

With a well mapped out program, and nothing amiss,
I knew in a few moments we could get through this.
More rapid than expected, in a coordinated scheme
Realtors, lenders, movers, and inspectors arrived on the scene.

Now children, now parents, now family and friends!
The list to give notice is too much to contend.
To the top of the porch! To the top of each wall!
We start filling the boxes of the stuff we must haul.

Staging the house, we remove all the clutter
Freshen the paint and clean out the gutter.
Fill the air with the scent of hot apple pie,
Adding the accents to drive prospects to buy.

With no time to rest, we travel and look
For a home and for schools and a temp living nook.
For shopping, and transit, and a place where we’ll pray,
So much to accomplish and we have only five days.

We return to appraisers, inspectors, surveyors in toe,
Who size up our home’s value verses how much we owe.
Can we eke out some profit, with improvements we made,
Or will we need to negotiate with the lender on what they’ll get paid?

With careful review we list at a fair market price,
And get an offer from someone who visited twice.
His settlement terms give us four weeks and a day,
To pack everything we own, and get out on our way.

To complicate matters, the home that we selected,
Cannot settle on time due to radon detected.
It is all we can do, in our interim quarters,
To keep things well organized and not look like hoarders.

When the big day arrives, we rise in joyous anticipation,
Ready to return to the pace of life before relocation.
Not there just yet, the moving truck pulls in to park,
And when the last box is off loaded, it’s well after dark.

The driver sprang to his truck, to his crew gave a high five,
Then they hopped in their seats and backed down the drive.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he grinned back at me,
“Give me a shout when I can pick up debris!”

We all drop in exhaustion, but finally in our own space,
And as I check on the kids there’s a smile on my face.
From where this all started seems far out of sight,
I shake my head quietly and turn off the light.

Happy Holidays from everyone at XONEX Relocation! Our best wishes to you and your loved ones.


VP, Client Services

VP of Business Development Northeast Region


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