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Airbnb for Home Finding Tips? It May Not be as Quirky as it Sounds

Air BnB for Home Finding TripsThe home finding trip is essential in your transferee’s search for a new home at destination. They need to be armed with plenty of information and resources to ensure they select a home that will work them and/or the whole family. Since the whole home marketing and home finding process can take such a big toll on transferees, why not present them with options that turn the home finding aspect into something desirable and fun?  

While hotel accommodations, especially on the company’s dime, are great, the transferee isn’t getting a real life experience. They may be searching for homes with amenities in mind, but they aren’t actually experiencing the destination; a specific neighborhood, a non-tourist nightlife, local favorites, etc. the way they will once the move is complete. What if I told you that you could not only save money on your transferee’s home finding trips, but guarantee that they experience the destination city the way a local would?

Airbnb is a travel site that allows people to rent out private rooms, apartments, or even entire houses for a select period of time. Prices per night can vary but you, the policy maker, get to set your transferee’s budget. Then, Airbnb does the rest.

Travelers input the city name, dates of travel, and number of people traveling before clicking the search button to be paired with hundreds of options. To narrow the search, your transferee can select filters specifying the type of neighborhood they’d prefer. They can decide they want to live somewhere close to popular restaurants, shopping, public transportation, quiet, touristy, etc. They can even select which amenities they want available in the rented home.

Once all filters have been entered and the list appears there are tons of pictures for your transferee to take a virtual tour of the home and surrounding property. They will also find contact information for the “host” of the desired home in case they had any pressing questions or concerns. One of the best features of the site is the accompanying reviews with each property description. Past guests tell of the home’s condition and their experience there.

Airbnb is present in more than 33,000 cities in 192 countries, making it incredibly easy for your transferee to find something they like. In addition to ease of use and availability all over the world, using Airbnb is a great way to give your transferee more control over their relocation if that is what they prefer. All you have to do is set the budget and the rest is up to the employee.

Quirky? Yes, this is a quirky idea. But some transferees might enjoy hand selecting their accommodations based on what they would desire in their own home. It shows transparency and trust in the relocation process. With more millennials relocating, this could play a major role in transferee satisfaction.

Has your company been trying to cut costs in relocation programs? What other tools have you found that can do so without decreasing the quality of your relocation policies? 

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