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Our Favorite Articles on Helping Expats Celebrate the Holidays

This is my favorite time of year. I actually started the Christmas music weeks ago in an effort to prolong a very short holiday season. Between work and a rigorous school program, however, I haven’t really been able to sink into the festivities. For a die-hard holiday fan, this is a bit of a bummer! But, then I think of all the expats abroad who may not have a chance to celebrate with their loved ones and I realize how lucky I am to be close enough to family to enjoy the day. Or even in a country that supports holiday traditions for a variety of beliefs and customs.

In the past we have written articles on how HR can support expatriates during the holidays. We have also read a number of blog posts and articles chock full of good advice. Below please find a list of our favorite articles on how to celebrate (or cope) with the holidays abroad.

1. How to Help Transferees Beat the Holiday Blues

We love this article because gives actual relocation program advice to HR on how to help transferees beat the blues.


2. Five Ways to Keep in Touch After Moving

Expats and the Holidays

Part of being abroad is missing friends and family at home. Here are helpful tips on how expats can stay connected.

3. 12 Things Expatriates are Thankful For


A glimpse of how expatriates feel during the holidays and how to be more positive.

4. Lady’s Expat Holiday Blunders

A lighthearted reminder for your expats that it’s ok to make some mistakes.

5. Expat Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays Far from Home

Friendly advice from a Seattle native living in Singapore.

6. Home for the Holidays, or Not: An Expat Christmas in New York

Sometimes we forget that we have expats living here in the U.S, too. This is a nice post on what that feels like.

7. Can You Buy a Turkey in China?

We know Thanksgiving is over but there are good general tips here on how HR can help expats celebrate the holidays during time abroad.

As a special bonus, we were excited to find a Pinterest board dedicated solely to celebrating holidays around the world. How cool is this?!

Pinterest Board: Expat Holiday Celebrations

Do you have any articles on celebrating the holidays while on international assignment? Please share them below!


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