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Free Whitepaper: Top Five Client Questions for 2014

XONEX Relocation President on Relocation QuestionsI was very pleased when our communications group asked me to provide an introduction to the XONEX white paper titles, “Top Five Burning Client Questions for 2014.” This white paper is all about listening to our clients, and taking careful note of their challenges and day-to-day strategic needs. This is the part of our business that I personally get very involved with because I believe in the knowledge that we can glean from each other and, more importantly, I enjoy the open conversations that happen in the context of good partnership.

Constant communication with clients must be the cornerstone of any successful relocation company. As we know all too well, transferee and client requirements change constantly, and dramatically, all the time for both internal and external reasons. Our corporate HR counterparts are consistently being challenged by their senior management to reduce costs, while also maintaining a high level of benefits and employee satisfaction. I believe strongly, as does my team, that the only way to be a real partner with proactive ideas is to be there. Just be there. Be there on-site, side-by-side with the front lines, to listen, engage and help.

Top Five Client Relocation QuestionsHigh touch service for a relocation company is actually a simple thing. You must be available at all times, be prepared to act fast and, always, operate in the best interest of the client and transferee. This is why the XONEX client services team logs in many thousands of air and surface mile travel every year – and it’s why my personal cell phone numbers can be found on the XONEX website.

So, I hope that you download this whitepaper. As you read through these top five questions, know that we sat down with our client base and listened. And, if you have any questions, we will listen to you, too. Please feel free to reach out to any of us at any time and, I promise, we will be there for you.

Click the link below to download our whitepaper:

The Top Five Burning Client Questions for 2014

Happy Reading!

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