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Philadelphia’s Women in Technology Summit Inspires

Without a doubt, the world is abuzz with news about technology. Whether it’s a discussion over Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, or Salesforce’s latest plugin, it’s hard to escape the technology conversation – and that’s a good thing!

In fact, let’s not forget that great conversations about technology are happening all around us, large and small, in business and in academia, at the dinner table and in industry events. In fact, this past weekend I had the great opportunity to join the technology conversation at the 2014 Women in Technology Summit in Philadelphia. I was, quite frankly, blown away by the smart, capable and savvy women I met who are advancing technology in their own organizations, as well as the industry itself.

But, before I get into the event, did you know that research shows that although there are many tech-savvy young girls in America, many are opting out of pursuing a career in technology because it’s not “feminine” or “cool” to be a computer nerd (I can say this because I am, in fact, a big computer nerd)?

Paige Holden Women in Tech Summit

Women are still very much a minority in the technology industry. That’s not cool. We should be charging ahead as leaders in what is, most likely, the fastest growing industry in the world. Let’s get on it, ladies!

Thankfully, there are programs that aim to boost women into the technology ranks. The Women in Technology Summit, for example, is an annual event that inspires, educates, and connects women in the technology industry from the Philadelphia region. In addition to fantastic programming, the event raises money for Tech Girlz, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls understand that a future in technology does not necessarily equate to ‘a boring computer job,’ but instead transcends the cubicle into nearly every field imaginable. We even got to see these girls in action! Check Tech Girlz out here if you have the time.

So, what was I doing at this awesome event? I’m proud to say that MyXONEX, our new mobile app, was selected as one of Philadelphia’s Best Mobile Apps! As a result of that honor, I was asked to join a panel and speak at the event about how to create value for clients and end users through mobile technologies.

Not only was great to share the XONEX story with the audience, but it was also inspiring and rejuvenating for me and the development team. I can say that after the event, we are even more committed to maintaining XONEX’s competitive edge in relocation and HR technology. Please stay tuned for more exciting stuff to come!

Are your transferees currently using our app? Please share your thoughts below.


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