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Free EBook: 20 Fascinating Facts about Generation X

Last year, we wrote an EBook about Millennials, the traits and trends that make them unique and the impact they are having on the workplace and, consequently, HR. The book was well-received and we were pleased with the discussions that followed, most of which enforced the idea that, in a multi-generational workforce, it’s important to make an effort to understand one another. Strategic HR professionals, especially, should take the time to understand the different segments of their transferee base. 

As we reviewed our transferee base, we realized that an overwhelming majority of the people we move are ages 35-50. You may know them asGeneration X.

And, what do we know about Generation X? We’ve all heard the stereotypes. Generation X is full of hopeless, cynical slackers who resent the Baby Boomers for their materialism, and the Millennials for their narcissism. They are loners who can’t work in teams and are difficult to manage because they don’t respect authority.20 Facts about Generation X

Sound harsh? That’s because it is harsh. Generation X has an image problem, even though none of the stereotypes prove true in real life. In fact, Generation X deserves our respect – and may just be the generation to lead us into more prosperous times.

Generation X is the smallest of the three generations in the workplace today.  Born between the 1960s and the 1980s, Generation X is flanked, and dwarfed, by the Millennials and the Baby Boomers.  In the next 10-12 years many of this group will stepping into the spotlight as they take on leadership roles.

Thus, it’s critical that companies look beyond stereotypes to understand how generations interact in the workplace and which benefits, including relocation, will be critical components for recruitment and retention strategies.

To help, our team poured through articles and blog posts to pull the most salient information about Generation X. In our latest free EBook, we share 20 fascinating findings about Generation X, their potential in the workplace and their concerns and motivators.

20 Fascinating Facts about Generation X

Happy reading!

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