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Free Whitepaper: 10 Temporary Living Rules to Live By

We’ve been talking a lot about temporary living lately – and with good reason. As we know, temporary living is one of the bigger line items in the relocation budget.  Employers, capped-budget transferees, and even those who really do care how much their move costs their company (yes, some really do!) can find themselves sticker shocked from temporary living totals.

Temporary living has always been a challenge but we’ve noticed several emerging trends this summer, including Temporary Livingtight inventory and sky-rocketing rents and fees. Further, in discussing temporary living, we would be remiss if we did not point out an issue that seems to exacerbate during the peak relocation season.   For one reason or another, there seems to be a growing trend towards last minute hires. As such, there were many cases where transferees were initiated in the same week as their start date, leaving very little time to adequately counsel the transferee and effectively set up relocation benefits. Given the already challenging temporary living climate, this set the transferee up for a lot of frustration and angst, not to mention a more expensive relocation.

We always encourage companies to try and get ahead of last minute moves whenever possible. We do understand, however, that last minute moves cannot be avoided. Further, there is no getting around high prices and low inventory. But, there are some steps that we can take collectively to minimize both the financial and emotional impact that temporary living can have on the transferee and, consequently, the company.

That’s why we think it’s time to do a deep dive into what companies, and their corporate transferees, should know about temporary living accommodations. Interested? You can download our free whitepaper by following the link below:

10 Temporary Living Rules to Live By

Happy Reading!

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