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Three Tips to Manage Stress at Work

There are a lot of amazing things about this time of year; holiday parties, family time, festive food, you get the drift. But, while all is merry and bright outside the office, HR often feels swamped and extra stressed as we near year-end so today, I thought I’d send you folks in HR some extra TLC and offer a few tips to manage stress at work as we wrap up 2017.

Three Ways to Manage Workplace Stress (so you can actually enjoy your holiday season both in and outside of the office)

  1. Organize your workspace: It sounds kind of out there but, when you take control of your environment, it can feel like you’re taking control of a lot more. When you organize your desk, office and schedule, you can avoid excess overwhelm and stress. It’s as simple as that!
  2. Step outside: I know, it’s freezing, but it’s amazing what some fresh air can do in times of stress. Nature can actually help people respond better to negative events. Take a five-minute break and step outside. Breathe in the fresh air, look at some trees or plants or whatever is around the office, calibrate and then get back to work.
  3. Tune in to what’s distracting you: I don’t know about you, but when I’m overwhelmed with my to-do list, I am SO easily distracted. Every noise, movement and thought has the potential to drag me off the rails for hours. But here’s the crazy thing; mindfulness experts actually say that it’s better to tune in to what’s distracting you for a few minutes. Doing so allows you to observe the effect it has on your body and robs the distraction of its power which then allows you to relax. Example: There’s an employee nearby tapping his/her pen. You can let it drive you nuts and distract you OR you can take a minute or two to tune into it, observe how your react (clenched jaw, tense muscles?) and then let it go. So crazy it just might work.

Stress at work is inevitable, holiday season or not. The best thing you can do for yourself and your productivity (and your colleagues) is to learn how to manage that stress effectively.

How do you manage stress at work? Share any tips in the comments below.


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