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Thoughts on the State of Relocation

PuzzledRecently I attended the Worldwide ERC Americas Mobility Conference in beautiful Dallas, TX! Beautiful Dallas where we think of boots, cowboys, and yes, the Dallas Cowboys Football team! However, did you know Dallas is also the home of the notorious Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, better known as Bonnie and Clyde – but that’s a story for another day!


During the conference I had the pleasure of sitting in on many sessions and my favorite was the Corporate Round Table Wrap-Up where I was able to listen to several corporate relocation experts talk about their views for the future of relocation.


One thing they shared with us was the results of the Peer2Peer Benchmarking Workshop Poll. It was amazing to learn that 84% of the respondents spend between 1 and 5 hours on their smart phones each day. Hard to believe when you think about an 8-hour work day. But then in the relocation business it’s all about the “people” and the “experience”. So staying connected is so important.


I was happy to learn that approximately 77% of the respondents anticipate their current US Domestic relocation programs will either remain or the same or slightly increase while 88% represents the same for their new hire programs. Looks like we’ll continue to see hiring and a need for talent!


When you think about talent mobility what one word comes to your mind? I can tell you this group had a lot on their mind with words like: growing, technology, automated, virtual, innovative, dynamic, diverse, complex, and disruptive just to name a few. Looks like the future will be filled with very positive changing times.


With one of the hottest topics in the industry stemming from the recent 2018 tax law changes one question comes to mind and that is if companies are going to gross up shipments of household goods since this cost was considered excludable in previous years. The response was an overwhelming 81% who said yes and only 8% said no.


And while we hear a lot of buzz around U.S. Domestic “core-flex” style programs where the transferee gets to customize certain options, 53% of this group said they do not offer this.


I was surprised to learn that 74% of this group felt their organizations use of technology to enhance the employees’ mobility experience was either fair or poor. Looks like we’ve got some room for expanding technology within the relocation industry!


There so much more to share with you but rather than write it all on this blog feel free to visit the Worldwide ERC website to see about getting a copy of these results. I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting.


What are your thoughts about these results and do they coincide with what’s happening at your organization? We’d be happy to hear from you!

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