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Do you Have an App for That? Not today – And We’re Ok with That

Phone Applications for RelocationWe get asked about phone applications for relocation from time to time. This is, of course, perfectly understandable given our app-fatuated society, but the reality is that there are far more unnecessary apps in the world than there are useful ones. If you have ever downloaded an app, only to find that it’s been poorly executed or isn’t solving all the problems that you hoped it would, then you know exactly what I mean. A great app needs to be useful, different and relevant. It needs to offer something that other apps either can’t do, or don’t do well.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good app. In fact, when it comes to relocation, there are a lot of helpful applications that are out there already, or are currently being built, that do things well. I used a number of them to settle in during my last move and I plan to share that information on this blog. But that’s just the thing. There are so many aspects of relocation, from home-selling and finding new schools, to meeting new people and keeping in touch with old friends, that it’s impossible to take a one-app-fits-all approach in this business.

So, for anyone out there who wants to know if we have an app for that, today the answer is no. And we are ok with that. Because if and when we decide to build an app, it won’t be a reactionary response to a hot trend. Instead, it will be because we have uncovered a void in the app market that we can fill to the benefit of our transferees and/or relocation managers.

That’s why when you ask us about a phone application for relocation, we will ask you why you want one.  Did your transferees ask for one? Do you need one to better manage the relocation process?  Would you use it if it did exist? Are you just looking for a better mobile web experience? Tell us what you need, and I bet we can find a great app for that. If we can’t, then we have an app challenge worth considering.

In the meantime, tune into our blog for reviews about existing apps that can help your transferees throughout the relocation process. Ask us about specific applications, and we’ll do the research for you. Hey, maybe we’ll even brainstorm a future app together.

Have your transferees asked you for an application? Do you feel you need a phone app to manage your employee relocations? Why or why not?

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