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Don’t Shoot the Relocation Messenger

Dont Shoot the Relocation Company MessengerAs anyone in the relocation industry knows,  sinking home prices and other economic factors have added a great deal of stress to the relocation process. I’m really proud of my team for holding it all together. This post is for them.

“You have great pride in what you do.  Working as a relocation services manager for a great third party company has given you immense satisfaction.  You enjoy working with the transferring family, including the relocating employee, his or her partner and even children on a daily basis. Somehow, you find solutions for each and every concern, while always managing to operate under the client’s policy.  We know it’s not an easy job, but it can definitely be fulfilling.   So when did it become so difficult? 

It’s actually quite easy to remember when we would call the employee with the results of an appraisal or Broker Market Analysis, and tell them the value of the home.  It used to be so nice to hear: ‘Really?  That sounds great.’ Ahhh the good old days.

Now you dread making that call.  It seems like every other transferee you call to discuss their home value first believes you’re wrong, then gets mad and, finally, blames you!  From your long experience, you know emotions can run high during the relocation process. This is especially true when it comes to selling a cherished home.  You always operate carefully, and with the right ‘touch’ of calmness and understanding. We hear you on the phone with an attitude that says, ‘we’ll get through this together.’  It’s very difficult, however, to take a tongue lashing for a home selling market you didn’t create.  It’s even harder to deal with accusations that question your integrity.

We hear you. We appreciate you. And we know our clients do too.”

The current housing market is stressing everyone out, including our clients and relocating employees. To them, I say, take heart. We will work tirelessly to try and make things easier. If your employee is questioning the home appraisal or market analysis, we are happy to order another appraisal or call another Realtor® to conduct another BMA. But, the odds run very high that nothing will change the value of the home. The market is the market.

Many forward thinking relocation companies are developing new programs, from shared loss on sale policy addendums, to helping home owners rent the home at origin.  Several are creating a knowledge base to assist in relocation policy enhancement. Some are even hiring short sale specialists.  Everyone’s goal is to find solutions to mitigate this very turbulent time.

So, let’s try and work together.  The relocation industry is not responsible for the low home values in many parts of the U.S., but we do have the knowledge to help everyone move forward.  Let’s all remember to not “shoot the messenger.”



VP, Client Services

VP of Business Development Northeast Region


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