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Bill Humphrey

Lump Sums… A Moving Target

So, you just hired two great candidates for two new assistant manager positions in headquarters.  New Hire 1, we’ll call him Jim, is married with 2 kids.  New Hire 2, we’ll call her Mary, is single.  They both have about 800 miles to travel to their new location.  Your relocation policy for their job level allows for a lump sum of $6,000.


How’s that working for you? How does that make the transferee feel about their new job?

Where Has the Human Side of Business Gone?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post but, today, I want to talk about change. As anyone in relo knows, this industry changes often, sometimes overnight, as the world fluctuates around us.

I’ve been in the relo business now for over 30 years and have certainly seen many changes, some good and some very hard. As Disraeli’s famous quote goes, “Change is inevitable. Change is constant”.  It is undeniably a true statement.  Change is how we grow, evolve and get better.

No More HUD-1? It’s Time to Review Your Relocation Policies

This week, we want to take some time to alert our readers of an upcoming document change that will be affecting transferees who sell (and buy) a home as part of the relocation process. Effective August 1, 2015, all lenders will be required to use the Closing Disclosure Form.  This form replaces the HUD-1 that has been used for home sale and home purchase lending transactions.  If any of your relocation policies reference the HUD-1, the wording should be changed to the Closing Disclosure Form.

Free Whitepaper: Top Five Client Questions for 2014

XONEX Relocation President on Relocation QuestionsI was very pleased when our communications group asked me to provide an introduction to the XONEX white paper titles, “Top Five Burning Client Questions for 2014.” This white paper is all about listening to our clients, and taking careful note of their challenges and day-to-day strategic needs. This is the part of our business that I personally get very involved with because I believe in the knowledge that we can glean from each other and, more importantly, I enjoy the open conversations that happen in the context of good partnership.

How to Sell a Haunted House

How to Sell a Haunted HouseAs a founder of XONEX who has been here since the very beginning, I have a lot of relocation stories to share. But, it’s at this ‘spooky’ time of the year that I think back to probably the most unusual home sale we’ve ever done.  Indeed, Halloween is a perfect time to tell this tale…

What to Do When the Boss Dumps Relocation in Your Lap

Life’s good.  The new benefits program you put together is going well and, finally, all the bugs in the HRIS seem to be ironed out.  No one has complained in a week.  You are looking at a few months of smooth sailing, and maybe getting to see a demo of the latest candidate software.

Then it happens. 

Don’t Shoot the Relocation Messenger

Dont Shoot the Relocation Company MessengerAs anyone in the relocation industry knows,  sinking home prices and other economic factors have added a great deal of stress to the relocation process. I’m really proud of my team for holding it all together. This post is for them.


VP, Client Services

VP of Business Development Northeast Region


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