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Paul Aidala

HR Interview: Shelley Giles on In-House Relocation Programs

HR Interview on In-House Relocation ProgramsToday’s post is pretty exciting for me. Shelley Giles, a long-time friend and relocation expert, kindly agreed to share with me (and all of you) her thoughts on relocation based on her vast experience in the industry and the current relocation program that she manages for Tenet Healthcare, one of the largest investor-owned health care delivery systems in the nation. In my opinion, Shelley has been able to do the seemingly impossible. She runs a very successful in-house relocation program that manages all aspects of every relocation, for every Tenet transferee.

Is Your Relocation Service Provider a Trustworthy Partner?

Is Your Relocation Services Provider TrustworthyLast week, while I was sitting on a plane traveling back from a series of prospect meetings, I pondered the ultimate sales question: what are companies really looking for when selecting service providers? For the most part, service providers provide similar services and get the job done in one way or another.  Relocation services are pretty much that same as other services, although I will argue that relocation providers need to have an inherent sense of sensitivity and care. We aren’t making widgets here – we are guiding living, breathing families through a stressful life change.

There’s No App for That

iPhone 4 BOKEHWith the advances in technology today you can pretty much do everything with the touch of a button, tap of the finger or swipe of the hand. I love a good app, so I have magic little icons to help me with everything from crunching numbers on a spreadsheet to writing letters, shopping, video conferencing, traveling and even dining (I actually do eat, but you get the picture!).

AroundMe App Makes Getting Around Easier

AroundMe App Makes Getting Around EasierThis past summer, I found my favorite iphone app. I remember it was hot and my family and I had been in the car, driving from Dallas to New York, for two whole days. Why we attempted such a feat with two young kids I’ll never know but, at this particular moment, we we’re all starving and very cranky. Facing family mutiny, I desperately looked for food signs as we were passing through Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, but all we could see was a billboard for McDonald’s. Of course, this was great for the kids, but my wife and I were hoping for something a little less…fast -foody.

Is New Relocation Technology Friend or Foe?

It seems like new technology is showing up everywhere these days and the relocation industry is no exception.  An increasing number of relocation companies are embracing new technologies as a way to provide more services at a lower cost to clients – and relocation managers should take full advantage of the boom. These systems can free up time formerly spent dealing with tracking data, manual reporting, cost management, expense tracking and so on.


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