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HR Expert Interviews

Interview with human resources professional on relocation topics.

HR Interview: Global Mobility

Frank Schuitema is the Director of Global Compensation for International Flavors & Fragrances Inc (IFF) in New York, New York. IFF is a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of consumer productsFrank Schuitema to millions of customers globally on a daily basis. Frank is responsible for the design, implementation, planning and administration of all non-executive compensation programs including job evaluation, benchmarking, market reviews, salary structure and variable pay and the administration of executive compensation programs. He also oversees the management of the global mobility program for IFF.

Expert Interview: Temporary Corporate Housing

Everybody within the relocation industry knows that temporary corporate housing plays a major role in transferee Kelly Reganexperience. Finding a new home at destination isn’t always a cake walk and for many, temporary housing is a vital benefit. A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of picking the brain of Kelly Regan, Executive VP of GO Furnished Housing. It’s so valuable to gain insight from our trusted vendor network here at XONEX and I knew that her experience in the corporate housing world would be valuable to not only those on the RMC side, but also those of you in HR and procurement.

HR Interview: The Future of Relocation

Last year, at a CMARC conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie Huffman and Jason Beane, both of whom support relocation programs for Time Warner Cable. Maggie was a panelist speaking about global mobility and Jason was there to provide support and additional insights based on his experiences. Later, when I was asked to author this blog, I immediately thought of Maggie and Jason because they are both so engaging and they make it a point to stay on top of domestic and global relocation issues and trends.

HR Interview: The Relationship between HR and Procurement

HR Interview

Andrew Ikall, UCB Pharmaceuticals

Anyone involved in the relocation industry knows that there is a new seat at the relocation table: procurement.  This has been quite a shift for relocation professionals and human resources managers alike because, historically, relocation has been strictly a function of HR.  In recent years, however, cost-cutting measures have caused more companies to charge procurement with sourcing the relocation vendor, which has changed the nature of the business and the relationship between key relocation players (third parties, HR, transferees, finance and so on).  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most companies remain focused on implementing strategic HR practices that will benefit transferees and the company as a whole. We all need to work together to build the best relocation team and subsequent program.

HR Interview: Shelley Giles on In-House Relocation Programs

HR Interview on In-House Relocation ProgramsToday’s post is pretty exciting for me. Shelley Giles, a long-time friend and relocation expert, kindly agreed to share with me (and all of you) her thoughts on relocation based on her vast experience in the industry and the current relocation program that she manages for Tenet Healthcare, one of the largest investor-owned health care delivery systems in the nation. In my opinion, Shelley has been able to do the seemingly impossible. She runs a very successful in-house relocation program that manages all aspects of every relocation, for every Tenet transferee.

HR Interview: Top 5 Things Every HR Professional Should Know about Relocation

Top 5 Things Every HR Professional Should Know about Relocation We spend a lot of time here writing about relocation issues that we believe are impacting human resources departments on a regular basis. My hope is that we provide helpful advice to our clients, prospects and peers. But, it also dawned on me that we could use more posts from actual HR managers on the issues THEY believe are pertinent. So, when my colleague challenged me to write a blog post on the top five things that every HR professional should know about relocation, I had an aha moment. Why make assumptions when we can just ask our friends?

HR Interview: Jack Jampel on Large and Mid-Sized Relocation Companies

Jack Jampel HR InterviewThe relocation industry is comprised of a diverse set of businesses. Between third-party relocation management companies (RMCs), real estate experts, finance gurus, brokers, appraisers and more, service partners come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and personalities. This is great news, because corporations are equally diverse and all the different options make it possible to find perfect pairings. Over the course of my blogging, I want to take a look at different criteria to see what, if anything, matters most.

HR Interview: Rene Decker Discusses Human Resources, Relocation and her EMMA Win

In our business, we get to meet a lot of people. Relocation and HR folks certainly love their networking events. In fact, earlier this year, I was at the ERC event in Las Vegas and was surprised by the number of participants, activities and established business relationships present. It felt like a reunion and, as a newcomer, I was a bit intimidated to join this party of old friends.

But, then I met Rene Decker. And started having some fun.


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