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Relocation and Social Media

Articles that discuss how social media is impacting the relocation industry.

Meet Zillow, Your Transferee’s Digital Realtor

Zillow Helps Transferees RelocateHouse hunting is hard. Especially for a transferee handling a laundry list of other obligations at the same time. If a home finding trip is included in the transferee’s specific policy, great! If not, why not offer them as much assistance as possible without increasing policy costs? Simply referring transferees to can make their process of finding a home at destination a much simpler process. In fact, we’ve been known to use the site and application ourselves when we start the home finding process for our transferees.

Top Five Relocation Blog Posts (and a Happy Birthday)

As I was rocking out to the Ohio State marching band at Content Marketing World yesterday, it dawned on me that we launched this blog exactly one year ago this week. Although I knew that we had been blogging for about a year, I forgot that I published our first blog post on a break between sessions, most likely inspired by Joe Pulizzi and his army of great speakers.  

There’s No App for That

iPhone 4 BOKEHWith the advances in technology today you can pretty much do everything with the touch of a button, tap of the finger or swipe of the hand. I love a good app, so I have magic little icons to help me with everything from crunching numbers on a spreadsheet to writing letters, shopping, video conferencing, traveling and even dining (I actually do eat, but you get the picture!).

AroundMe App Makes Getting Around Easier

AroundMe App Makes Getting Around EasierThis past summer, I found my favorite iphone app. I remember it was hot and my family and I had been in the car, driving from Dallas to New York, for two whole days. Why we attempted such a feat with two young kids I’ll never know but, at this particular moment, we we’re all starving and very cranky. Facing family mutiny, I desperately looked for food signs as we were passing through Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, but all we could see was a billboard for McDonald’s. Of course, this was great for the kids, but my wife and I were hoping for something a little less…fast -foody.

New in Town? Foursquare Unlocks it’s Relocation Potential with Explore Tab

Remember when we said we’d share information about cool relocation apps? I want to start with an oldie, but goodie. By now, most people have heard of Foursquare, a location-based social media network that makes going out fun by rewarding users with badges, tips and specials for “checking-in” to nearby venues.  Avid Foursquare users document, in real-time, where they’ve been and their thoughts on their experience, including tips for other users. It’s even possible to keep track of all the places you want to go, often based on a friend’s recommendation or “check-in” popularity.

Do you Have an App for That? Not today – And We’re Ok with That

Phone Applications for RelocationWe get asked about phone applications for relocation from time to time. This is, of course, perfectly understandable given our app-fatuated society, but the reality is that there are far more unnecessary apps in the world than there are useful ones. If you have ever downloaded an app, only to find that it’s been poorly executed or isn’t solving all the problems that you hoped it would, then you know exactly what I mean. A great app needs to be useful, different and relevant. It needs to offer something that other apps either can’t do, or don’t do well.


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