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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Supersize Me?

Several months ago, in the wake of a major merger in the relocation industry, I wrote a post on how acquisitions can impact clients and transferees. It really got me thinking about the nature of business and growth and I’ve come to the somewhat obvious conclusion that we worship the mega-corporation way too much.

8 Ways to Help Candidates Decide on Relocation

Deciding on RelocationRecently, I was interviewed for a CareerRelocate article on important considerations for someone who is trying to decide if relocation is the right move for them.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for candidates to research the new location to ensure that it will meet both their lifestyle needs and career aspirations prior to accepting the relocation. 

Relocation is Not a Widget

Relocation is Not a WidgetLately I’ve noticed that procurement representatives and relocation companies are having a hard time appreciating each other – or at least getting on the same page when it comes to moving transferees. This is an issue when it comes to implementing strategic HR practices that will benefit transferees and the company as a whole. We all need to work together to build the best relocation team and subsequent program.

Four Common Immigration Fails

Four Common Immigration FailsWhen it comes to immigration mishaps I have seen it all. Immigration procedures cause more headaches for employers, assignees and relocation managers than most other parts of the international assignment process. There are a lot of reasons why immigration is challenging, but I have noticed throughout the years that the fault rarely lies with the host country.

11 Tips for Managing an Angry Transferee

Tips for Managing an Angry TransfereeEvery relocation professional, in-house or third-party, will encounter that one transferee. You know, the one you can never win over, no matter what you do.  The one who is ready for a fight right out of the gate, insisting that you took too long to make contact; the benefits offered won’t be enough; someone else had a better program; the kids need to finish the school year; the kids don’t want to move during the summer; the old house was appraised too low; the destination agent is not listening; the language is too hard and the movers are late.


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