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Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Housing Market Policies Put Transferees in Good Position to Buy

Working for a relocation company, I’m privy to real estate trends in a variety of markets across the country, as well as the country as a whole. Surely, housing numbers are constantly fluctuating, but if you look at patterns over longer periods of time, they can tell you something important. Real estate has been my business for the past 25 years, so I’ve sailed through the ups, weathered the downs and managed through everything in between. That’s why I try to put housing numbers, and policies, into a broader perspective. Essentially, what is good for today may not be good for tomorrow – and if it’s not good for tomorrow, are we really any better off in the long run? And is it important if we are?

Meet Zillow, Your Transferee’s Digital Realtor

Zillow Helps Transferees RelocateHouse hunting is hard. Especially for a transferee handling a laundry list of other obligations at the same time. If a home finding trip is included in the transferee’s specific policy, great! If not, why not offer them as much assistance as possible without increasing policy costs? Simply referring transferees to can make their process of finding a home at destination a much simpler process. In fact, we’ve been known to use the site and application ourselves when we start the home finding process for our transferees.

Relocation Q&A: Loss on Sale with a Capital Improvement Twist

One of the things I love about writing for this blog is that I get to answer relocation questions that people have, in real time. A few months ago, in response to one of our posts about loss on sale policies, a transferee stopped by to ask us a great question about the relationship between capital improvements and loss on sale. Interestingly enough, his timing was impeccable. His question, which I will share after the jump, is one that many transferees are facing today. Relocation managers should be aware of this issue moving forward, as I anticipate most managers with a home sale program will realize similar circumstances among their own transferee base.

Top Five Relocation Blog Posts (and a Happy Birthday)

As I was rocking out to the Ohio State marching band at Content Marketing World yesterday, it dawned on me that we launched this blog exactly one year ago this week. Although I knew that we had been blogging for about a year, I forgot that I published our first blog post on a break between sessions, most likely inspired by Joe Pulizzi and his army of great speakers.  


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