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Monthly Archives: January 2013

How to Make Your Lump Sum Programs More Efficient

How to Make Lump Sum Programd More EfficientAt the end of 2012, we issued an EBook on the Top 10 Ways Relocation Programs Lost Money in 2012. It was well received. HR managers and relocation experts should consider ways to save money now that 2013 has started and there is still time before busy season starts in April. As a partner to HR, we want to help cut costs and will continue to work on new ways to streamline the relocation process, reduce redundancies and tighten overall program management. 

Top Three Relocation and HR Conferences for 2013

Relocation Conferences and eventsEveryone in relocation loves a good conference. And, why wouldn’t we? Conferences are great ways to meet new people, reunite with old friends and learn about any new developments that can impact our businesses. Personally, I think January is a great time to assess the conference landscape to start making decisions (or at least a wish list) about events to attend. In fact, earlier this week I read a post over at Blogging 4 Jobs about upcoming HR and recruiting conferences. It gave me the idea to highlight some of our favorite conferences for the year. So, without further ado, here are our top three HR and corporate relocation conferences for 2013.

HR Interview: Shelley Giles on In-House Relocation Programs

HR Interview on In-House Relocation ProgramsToday’s post is pretty exciting for me. Shelley Giles, a long-time friend and relocation expert, kindly agreed to share with me (and all of you) her thoughts on relocation based on her vast experience in the industry and the current relocation program that she manages for Tenet Healthcare, one of the largest investor-owned health care delivery systems in the nation. In my opinion, Shelley has been able to do the seemingly impossible. She runs a very successful in-house relocation program that manages all aspects of every relocation, for every Tenet transferee.

Generation Y and Relocation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Relocating Gen Y Relocation is far more complex than I ever thought it would be.  Surely, the relocation benefits that HR offers to transferees at different levels (entry-level, new hire, senior management, etc.) are interesting, but lately I’ve been fascinated by how differently transferees across the generations approach relocation. It’s no secret that HR is still learning how to satisfy a multi-generational workforce  – and relocation is definitely one piece of that puzzle. I certainly can’t speak for every generation, but as one of two Millennials here I’ve been curious about Gen Y in the workplace and how my peers view relocation opportunities. As it turns out, I agree with Human Resource Executive when they say Millennials are the best candidates for relocation. But, as with anything, relocating this group does come with its challenges.

Talent Shortage? Relocation Can Help Bridge the Gap

Manpower Group’s  7th annual Talent Shortage Survey through me for a loop. I’m surprised that even at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high, we still have a talent shortage in the U.S. Apparently, a talent shortage is different from unemployed. I am certainly not insinuating that the unemployed are not a talented group of people but, according to this survey, the U.S. ranks among the top five countries experiencing a talent drought. 


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