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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Three Ways to Avoid Renting Out the Origin Home

Accidental LandlordIs the housing market coming back? We sure hope so. Recent reports show a 14 percent growth in the market since January which, by all accounts, is a great sign leading into the Spring and Summer seasons. While we have every reason to be optimistic about a sustainable recovery, there are bound to be slow growth areas in pockets around the country. For this reason, we want to remind relocation managers to remain diligent in finding solutions for hard to sell homes.

Airbnb for Home Finding Tips? It May Not be as Quirky as it Sounds

Air BnB for Home Finding TripsThe home finding trip is essential in your transferee’s search for a new home at destination. They need to be armed with plenty of information and resources to ensure they select a home that will work them and/or the whole family. Since the whole home marketing and home finding process can take such a big toll on transferees, why not present them with options that turn the home finding aspect into something desirable and fun?  

How to Project Relocation Costs More Efficiently

Relocation BudgetWith relocation busy season around the corner, relocation managers are probably dusting off their policies and taking a good look at relocation budgets. But, how realistic are those budgets? One of the biggest challenges that human resources and procurement managers face is the difficulty of designing a proper relocation budget and then sticking to it when the rubber hits the road. That’s why clear cost projections are the linchpins that connect cost containment with adequate relocation benefit delivery. In order to ensure clear projections, its critical to get the most accurate view of anticipated costs right out the gate, preferably before an offer has been extended to the potential transferee. 

Three Issues to Tackle to Make the Relocation Decision Easier for Transferees

Make the Relocation Decision Easier on TransfereesWhen it comes to relocation, I think we all want the same thing: an employee that is happy, focused and engaged in their work at the new location. With the ever changing relocation environment and a less than ideal economy, however, many companies have made major cuts to policies offered to transferring employees. In addition to corporate changes, the same issues have led employees to evaluate relocation opportunities even more carefully than they have in the past. So, the question is, how can you design relocation policies to fit your company budget but also attract your necessary talent?


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