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Monthly Archives: May 2013

20 Fun Facts about Relocating Millennials (Free eBook)

20 Fun Facts about Relocating MillennialsThere’s been a lot of talk about Millennials lately. Maybe it’s because we are right in the middle of grad season, but it seems that the conversation about Millennials is everywhere. And it hasn’t been very flattering.

Surely, we’ve all heard the stereotypes. Millennials are coddled. We need constant feedback. We have the attention span of goldfish and the work ethic of a sloth. Every one of us has a shelf full of trophies we received for doing nothing and most of us majored in underwater basket weaving. Some of us still live in our parents’ basements. None of us are capable of functioning in a society of adults.

Do You Understand Your Transferee Base?

Relocation Busy SeasonIt’s busy season. Do you know who your transferees are?

You cannot properly execute any relocation without knowing who you are moving. When busy season hits, you are no longer dealing with one or two transferees. Instead, you are dealing with whole groups of people, so the challenge is figuring out how to satisfy the majority.

Is the GBO Making a Comeback?

Don't PanicYou swore them off four years ago. “Never again,” you said.

Never say never.

The tables are turning and the Guaranteed Buyout is making a comeback beyond the most senior executives.  It’s hard to imagine now but, before the recession, the GBO was common in many organizations. Back then, employees were concerned that the historic data used to determine price didn’t account for the appreciation that was driving values higher…almost daily.  It wasn’t a big problem, however, because most houses sold quickly and at prices that were higher than the appraised offer. At the end of the day, everyone was happy. Sigh…we didn’t know how lucky we all were.

The HR Department of 2020

Erin-OsterhausToday’s post is a guest post by Erin Osterhaus, Managing Editor for Software Advice‘s The New Talent Times, a popular HR Blog. 

HR professionals beware! Your field may be nearing its expiration date.

Or not.

While some have predicted that software will streamline administrative HR practices to the point that the actual human element in the “human resources” department will be obsolete, others see this new technology as offering an opportunity for growth.

And that includes us.

Infusing Flexibility into Relocation Policies for Senior Executives

Flexibility in Relocation PolicyMoving today’s relocation savvy executives adds a layer of complexity to the relocation process, as well as an additional expense. As many of us know, senior personnel requires more assurances and enticements in order to make the relocation attractive enough to accept.


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