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Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Mobile Workforce Bill and the 30 Day Rule for Temporary Assignments

There has always been some confusion around tax filings for employees on temporary assignments. At what point should companies withhold state and local taxes for assignees? One day? One week? A month? Technically, if even one day is spent working in a state, then local and/or state taxes may need to be withheld. Most companies, however, use a 30 day rule where if one month or more is spent in a state, then they will proceed with withholding state and local taxes. It’s important to know that the popular 30 day rule is not a law – it is simply an industry practice.

Three Social Sites HR Should Explore

Last week I wrote a blog post about social media over-sharing and what role, if any, HR should have in managing employee conversations online. If you are in human resources and you are trying to get a handle on social media management, I recommend taking the time to browse the web and see what’s out there. To help get you started, here’s a short list of sites that you should know about:

What Happens When Water Cooler Talk Hits the Web?

Hey everyone. A few weeks ago, I was giving the awesome opportunity to write a post on social media management for Software Advice. The original article ran two weeks ago on New Talent Times and now I get to share it here. Without further ado…

According to a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal, companies can expect more workers to share confidential information with one another, including salaries and other benefits. Millennials, the generation that grew up with social media and personal transparency (read: oversharing) are leading the trend, which presents a new challenge to HR departments that have historically kept sensitive information under wraps.

This got me thinking: if younger employees are sharing personal information and are active on social media, what happens when the water cooler conversation goes viral? HR departments need to be prepared to take certain steps when sensitive information hits the web.


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