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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Housing Market Update: FHA Back to Work Program

Like everyone impacted by the housing market, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for news that could swing the pendulum, for good or for bad. Last month, we were happy to hear that The Federal Housing Authority is shortening the mandatory waiting period to purchase a home from 3-5 years to one year.  The new guidance is part of the FHA’s Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances Program, which allows borrowers who lost their homes due to financial hardships to be eligible for an FHA mortgage.

Employee Engagement is the New Black

How many times in the past month have you talked about employee engagement? I remember when I started in HR (before joining XONEX I was in HR at Maersk for more than 20 years) and the buzzword was employee satisfaction. But now everyone is talking about engagement. Sure, we need our employees to be satisfied. That’s a given. But, are they engaged? How engaged are they? Can we measure this engagement? These are just a few of the conversations I’ve had recently. Indeed, employee engagement is the new black.

2012 Worldwide ERC Transfer Volume and Relocation Cost Survey

Last year, my colleague, Laura Matrisciano wrote about her takeaways on the relocation industry trends outlined in the Worldwide ERC Transfer Volume and Cost Survey. So, when the survey was released this year, I thought it fitting to compare it to what we learned in 2012. Please remember however, that the 2012 survey revealed data from 2011, so this year’s survey reflects findings from 2012.

The Transfer Volume and Cost Survey is comprised of responses from 84 member organizations across more than 24 industries. The data covers trends and changes in employee mobility and company funded programs, as well as the costs associated with them within the United States. The full survey is available to Worldwide ERC members for free or for a 95 dollar charge to non-members.

Free Whitepaper: Why Supplier Diversity Matters

Why-Supplier-Diversity-MattersWe hope everyone had a nice long weekend. This week, we are pleased to announce our latest whitepaper: Why Supplier Diversity MattersTimes have certainly changed since supplier diversity programs began to take hold in the U.S. and never has supplier diversity been stronger or more positive than it is today. More people than ever are committed to making supplier diversity networks work. Are you on board?


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