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group moves

Group Move Horror Story

Darkness falls across the land
The big group move is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of good
To find a brand new neighborhood

And with many answers to be found
You need advanced teams on the ground
Counselors, vendors, instructors tell
Your zombie families all is well  

Zombie Apocalypse II: Tips for Surviving the Group Move

Tips for Surviving a Group MoveLast year, after a day of meetings and daydreaming, I put together relocation program challenges for Zombies.  The concept captured the imagination of our readers and, like all successful stories, there must be a sequel!

So, your relocation program is a success and, for once, you are staying on budget. You hear an occasional groan – they do that a lot actually. But, for the most part, your zombies are moving with the precision of the Zombies in the Thriller video. Then, a monkey wrench is thrown into the operation! Your business model is shifting.  The cost of (un)living is continually on the rise.  Resources, regulations, and infrastructure issues are making you move facilities and personnel to a new city.  For many companies, a group move can turn into quite the horror story. 

Ready, Set…Group Move!

Google announced last week that the company is moving 3,000 Motorola Mobility jobs to Chicago. Needless to say, the chatter around the office that day was a collective “Wow! That’s a whole lotta moves!” I don’t know about you, but if I was the HR manager in charge of a move this big I might be a little…excited? Er…panicked. A group move program has special needs that can differ greatly from traditional relocation requirements and Google is going to need to pull together a top-notch team of experts both internally and externally.


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