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Relocation Tax Reporting for Transferees

Just as you are working through the tax filing process in HR, Payroll and Finance, so are your transferees.. That means it’s a good time to remind your transferees about some of the tax deductions they may be eligible for due to their relocation. This is especially helpful for first-time transferees or last year’s college grads who may have limited experience with relocation and/or filing taxes in general. While you can offer your transferee some basic advice, it’s still important that they speak to their accountant, tax consultant, or relocation provider to ensure they are filing correctly and meeting all requirements.

Relocation Tax Series: Medicare and Long-Term Capital Gains Tax

David Oltman Relocation Tax ExpertThere has been much conversation about the current tax uncertainty in Washington. Unfortunately, while our lawmakers duke it out on the hill, businesses everywhere are frozen on the edge of a “tax cliff,” unable to make informed decisions on tax and business planning for 2013. Despite the fact that all business – small and large – will be negatively impacted by further delay in tax policy decisions, and that respectable tax authorities, including the AICPA, are pleading for clarity, our politicians have yet to throw down their armor and strike a compromise.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Unless You Manage Payroll

Relocation Can Make Payroll a ScroogeFor many employees, the holiday season is a time to slow down and smell the pine trees. But, for the payroll department, this time of year is extremely hectic.  Not only is payroll busy with year-end responsibilities for all employees, but it also the time of year when all relocation expenses and related payroll taxes must be finalized for reporting on an employee’s W2 form.  Even if a company’s transferee population is relatively small in comparison to the entire employee base, juggling the myriad requirements, details and deadlines associated with year-end reporting is stressful. 


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