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relocating college grads

College Grads and Relocation

When I was a senior at the University of Delaware, springtime meant a lot of different things. Finding and applying for jobs topped that list. Colleges and universities are getting ready to close out the 2017 spring semester and college grads and relograduation is right around the corner for students all over the country, which means that thousands of young adults are getting ready to enter the workforce.  If you are planning to recruit new grads, it’s a good idea to consider relocation benefits. Even a little help for a recent grad can go a long way and I believe that providing relocation assistance will give companies a recruitment advantage.

How to Get Creative with Lump Sum Policies

If you are on the East Coast today, you are probably as angry as I am about the weather. This winter has been so bad, it feels like Spring is never going to get here. At least if Puxatawny Phil has his way. And, sadly, the groundhog seems to be winning.  Blast that groundhog!

20 Fun Facts about Relocating Millennials (Free eBook)

20 Fun Facts about Relocating MillennialsThere’s been a lot of talk about Millennials lately. Maybe it’s because we are right in the middle of grad season, but it seems that the conversation about Millennials is everywhere. And it hasn’t been very flattering.

Surely, we’ve all heard the stereotypes. Millennials are coddled. We need constant feedback. We have the attention span of goldfish and the work ethic of a sloth. Every one of us has a shelf full of trophies we received for doing nothing and most of us majored in underwater basket weaving. Some of us still live in our parents’ basements. None of us are capable of functioning in a society of adults.

Is Your Relocation Program College Grad Friendly?

Is Your Relocation Program College Grad FriendlyIt is graduation season and that means there is new talent for hire – and companies are seizing the moment. In fact, CareerBuilder released a report yesterday that more than 50 percent of companies are planning to hire new grads, which is up more than 10 percent from 2009. This is great news, but it also means that recruitment competition will be fierce in some industries.


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