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HR Interview: The Future of Relocation

Last year, at a CMARC conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie Huffman and Jason Beane, both of whom support relocation programs for Time Warner Cable. Maggie was a panelist speaking about global mobility and Jason was there to provide support and additional insights based on his experiences. Later, when I was asked to author this blog, I immediately thought of Maggie and Jason because they are both so engaging and they make it a point to stay on top of domestic and global relocation issues and trends.

How to Get Creative with Lump Sum Policies

If you are on the East Coast today, you are probably as angry as I am about the weather. This winter has been so bad, it feels like Spring is never going to get here. At least if Puxatawny Phil has his way. And, sadly, the groundhog seems to be winning.  Blast that groundhog!

Group Move Horror Story

Darkness falls across the land
The big group move is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of good
To find a brand new neighborhood

And with many answers to be found
You need advanced teams on the ground
Counselors, vendors, instructors tell
Your zombie families all is well  

Zombie Apocalypse II: Tips for Surviving the Group Move

Tips for Surviving a Group MoveLast year, after a day of meetings and daydreaming, I put together relocation program challenges for Zombies.  The concept captured the imagination of our readers and, like all successful stories, there must be a sequel!

So, your relocation program is a success and, for once, you are staying on budget. You hear an occasional groan – they do that a lot actually. But, for the most part, your zombies are moving with the precision of the Zombies in the Thriller video. Then, a monkey wrench is thrown into the operation! Your business model is shifting.  The cost of (un)living is continually on the rise.  Resources, regulations, and infrastructure issues are making you move facilities and personnel to a new city.  For many companies, a group move can turn into quite the horror story. 

Is the GBO Making a Comeback?

Don't PanicYou swore them off four years ago. “Never again,” you said.

Never say never.

The tables are turning and the Guaranteed Buyout is making a comeback beyond the most senior executives.  It’s hard to imagine now but, before the recession, the GBO was common in many organizations. Back then, employees were concerned that the historic data used to determine price didn’t account for the appreciation that was driving values higher…almost daily.  It wasn’t a big problem, however, because most houses sold quickly and at prices that were higher than the appraised offer. At the end of the day, everyone was happy. Sigh…we didn’t know how lucky we all were.

How to Effectively Customize Your Relocation Program (Free Whitepaper)

How to Customize Your Relocation Program

We are excited today to introduce our latest whitepaper, How to Effectively Customize Your Relocation Program. As many of you know, the first quarter of every year is a great time for HR, procurement and relocation managers to assess their current relocation programs and see if they are meeting the needs of both their transferees and their budgets.

HR Interview: Shelley Giles on In-House Relocation Programs

HR Interview on In-House Relocation ProgramsToday’s post is pretty exciting for me. Shelley Giles, a long-time friend and relocation expert, kindly agreed to share with me (and all of you) her thoughts on relocation based on her vast experience in the industry and the current relocation program that she manages for Tenet Healthcare, one of the largest investor-owned health care delivery systems in the nation. In my opinion, Shelley has been able to do the seemingly impossible. She runs a very successful in-house relocation program that manages all aspects of every relocation, for every Tenet transferee.

The Death of a Honey Do List

Honey Do ListLast Saturday morning, I had what Oprah would call an “Aha!” moment. My husband and I were discussing some repair and maintenance items that needed to be taken care of in and around our home, when it hit me. Or, perhaps more accurately, was pointed out for me.

We’ve all been there, right? We sit at the kitchen table and start ticking off to-do lists for our partners. My husband refers to this exercise as my honey-do list, a most welcome euphemism.

Is Your Relocation Program College Grad Friendly?

Is Your Relocation Program College Grad FriendlyIt is graduation season and that means there is new talent for hire – and companies are seizing the moment. In fact, CareerBuilder released a report yesterday that more than 50 percent of companies are planning to hire new grads, which is up more than 10 percent from 2009. This is great news, but it also means that recruitment competition will be fierce in some industries.

Six Reasons to Evaluate Your Relocation Provider

Someone once told me that the responsibility of overseeing relocation is kind of like being told you have to baby sit your kid brother. As long as everything runs smoothly, you can focus on what is important in your world.   But, when things start to get a little crazy, the responsibility falls on you, broken lamps and all.


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