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renting out a home

Your Transferee Must Do This One Thing Before Listing Their Home

The home selling process is at the top of your transferee’s list of stressful relocation tasks. There is a lot to consider and a lot to do both before and during the marketing period. Sure, your transferees know to clean and organize the1-thing-your-transferee-must-dohome and work on the curb appeal before the Realtor shows it to potential buyers, but do they know that they should take the time to talk to their local government to check on the accuracy of information on file?

Three Ways to Avoid Renting Out the Origin Home

Accidental LandlordIs the housing market coming back? We sure hope so. Recent reports show a 14 percent growth in the market since January which, by all accounts, is a great sign leading into the Spring and Summer seasons. While we have every reason to be optimistic about a sustainable recovery, there are bound to be slow growth areas in pockets around the country. For this reason, we want to remind relocation managers to remain diligent in finding solutions for hard to sell homes.

Still Waiting: Transferees Continue to Rent Out Their Homes Despite Risks

Last year we published the “The Landlord Predicament,” a blog post and relocation whitepaper where we discussed the increase of transferees who are renting out their origin homes instead of selling because they are either upside down on their mortgage or because they feel their loss will decrease the longer they wait.

Three Relocation Benefits Take Center Stage

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on tried and true benefits that should be included in every relocation policy. The idea for that post came from a conversation I had with a client about how to include “recession-friendly” relocation services without sacrificing the staple benefits that have stood the test of time.  It’s not easy, but if human resource and relocation managers can focus on the three most common services and resist knee-jerk reactions and exemptions, it is possible to avoid major sacrifices.

The Landlord Predicament

We are officially half way through 2011. Where’s the economic turnaround that we were all hoping for? Apparently, it’s hiding. Recent news reports of stalled foreclosures, sinking home prices and cluttered markets are enough to make even this Pollyanna feel glum. Earlier in the year, economists predicted that the housing market would weigh down an economic rebound – and they were right. We can expect to see more underwater mortgages, foreclosures and loss on sale for years to come. Consequently, more homeowners will opt to rent out their homes. As this is not a decision to be made lightly, we’ve outlined considerations for renting out a home in the whitepaper linked below.


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