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Third-party outsourcing to outsource a third party?

Puzzling RFP ProcessThere are some RFP trends out there that I find puzzling.  Now, I’m not anti-RFP. We always put forth our best efforts for the RFPs that come in. I actually find it rewarding to have an opportunity to distinguish our approach to  service delivery and cost containment. What puzzles me is how complicated, long and redundant they have become – even as companies are working harder now, more than ever, to be efficient with time and costs across the board. You would hope this would lead to a more concise RFP process, but the opposite has happened.

Why is this happening?

How to Nail the RFP Process

Request for Proposal and RFP ProcessI have been a member of the relocation community for almost two decades and have worked in a business development capacity for nearly three-fourths of the time. Throughout my career, I have been directly, or indirectly, involved in almost every type of sales scenario you can imagine – mostly very pleasant experiences, a few that were not-so-pleasant, some that made me wince and some that made me want to scratch my head.

Relocation is Not a Widget

Relocation is Not a WidgetLately I’ve noticed that procurement representatives and relocation companies are having a hard time appreciating each other – or at least getting on the same page when it comes to moving transferees. This is an issue when it comes to implementing strategic HR practices that will benefit transferees and the company as a whole. We all need to work together to build the best relocation team and subsequent program.

Important Steps to Take When Your Relocation Services Provider is Acquired

mergers and acquisitions in the reloaction industryAt some point during every corporate manager’s life, there comes a time when a service provider goes through a merger or acquisition – and it can be extremely frustrating. This is especially true in relocation, because the provider selection process is time consuming, expensive and often a burden on already strapped HR and procurement departments.


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